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    A unique and innovative company designed to offer
    the ultimate golfing experience.
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    Whether you are completely new to the sport or an accomplished player,
    the PCGA can offer golf tuition in various ways to enhance your skills and develop your game.
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Paul Carpenter Golf Schools, Tuition for all With Endless Possibilities

For those who struggle to find time out of their busy schedule, and would like to combine golf with a holiday break, we have the perfect solution. A golf school at The Paul Carpenter Golf Academy is a great way to fit in all you need whilst also getting away from your day to day routine. Whether you need to learn the basics of the game quickly or need to refine your game to get down to scratch, a golf school at The Paul Carpenter Golf Academy is the ideal answer. Golf Schools provide an intensive, yet fun, tuition program for every level of ability and can be taken over a one or two day period with accommodation at El Valle Golf Resort included.

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